Another Practice: Micro In Dark Background

Yesterday, a new photo of mine about a piece of Buddha in micro passed the pending period finally. The other practice of mine in the black background seemly gave me some inspiration about the photography.

Several day ago, a friend of mine casually showed me the handcraft, a piece of Buddha made in ivory. The thin piece was about 4cm in length and 2cm in width. It was carved carefully in the figure of Buddha. The Buddha was vivid. He sit on the seat in the lotus posture with a folding screen behind him, smilingly and amiable. The texture of the ivory was pure and the carving skill was excellent. I was attracted by the handcraft immediately. The idea of recreating it by my camera occurred in my mind. I borrowed it from my friend then and there, with no hesitation.

The object was in the light color. Obviously, the dark background was easy to control and suitable for expressing the main subject. So I decided putting the Buddha statue into the dark surroundings. I managed to recreate it in a kind of mysterious atmosphere.

I set a piece of dark cloth into the little lighting room as the background and put a notebook with black artificial leather as the base. Under the dim light and with the white Buddha on it, the surface of the notebook reflected in a charming way. Using the micro lens and tripod, I moved the camera closer to the subject as possible and focused on the face of the Buddha. I snapped.

Soon, I replayed.


The effect exceeded above my expectation. The normal piece of matter yielded the magnificent results under the micro lens! The Buddha became more grandeur and the reflection of the notebook surface thrown off more magic. All curves and textures became alive.

After having browsed the same subject on DT, I founded that there are many photos about the Buddha. These were better. But, I just prefer this one indeed.

Photo credits: Buford Wong.

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December 03, 2010


Very nice photo, indeed. I also love the reflection on the black notebook. Good job!

December 03, 2010


good idea,nice photo.Congrats!

December 02, 2010


Visit a handicraft store near you and look for large sheets of card. These come in many colours and finishes, and can be used effectively to create infinity backgrounds ideal for shooting small objects like your bhudda.

November 29, 2010


it's lovely!!

November 26, 2010


Nice photo! I'd suggest to use a portrait framing on this object rather then landscape, you loose a lot of sensor pixels with black.
Thank you for sharing you experience!

November 26, 2010


Thank you for passing on your technique..nice ideas.

November 26, 2010


nice shot

November 26, 2010


Thanks for information and for your blog ;)

November 26, 2010


nice try

November 26, 2010


Congrats for your photo.

November 26, 2010


Good ideas

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