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I was just wondering how many DT contributors really think from the point of Designer, Do you guys think what a designer is looking for??

Well I have a suggestion to all DT users, as I'm a designer and our company do download many images from DT and other stock sites, why don't you guys create a clipping path for the images you upload, it will really help designers. i have found very few images on micro stock site where there are clipping paths, well if you guys are included clipping path on images, do leave a line in the description section of the image or include a key word clipping path. We guys are really looking to maximize the time we spend on images, most of the time we fortify good images as we get an distant alternative with paths included. So my suggestion is include path wherever necessary.

Well these images above had clipping paths I created when I was editing and cleaning up the images, but never included in the jpeg image, well in fact I didn't know that jpegs would hold the paths, I came to know when my one of the senior designer informed me about this. i wanted to write this long back but was bit lazy or forgot altogether.

Photo credits: Creativei.

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January 29, 2009


As we say clipped will be a perfect keyword, hope to use this keyword to search images in future.

January 28, 2009


A repeat from the forum:

It makes sense. But what is the keyword/description convention?
For my isolated shots, I put isolated over white in the description, and isolated and overwhite in the keywords. What type of description/keyword(s) would you like for clipping paths? We can stick to that convention, but it would be much better if DT added an extra category for isolated.

You are right, contributors don't listen enough to buyers. Here's another question.

I'm always doing my isolations so they can be extracted with a magic wand, tolerance 0, no anti-alias, not contiguous. The highlights (in eyes for instance) I change by #254,254,254. In JPG, that gets lost, and I always advocated TIF or 3x16bit PNG on DT as an "additional format", but in vain. The RAW really isn't a solution for the designer since he will have to redo the cleaning up, the levels and the cloning.

So clipping paths are what you guys want. No sweat about that. But in that case you should push DT to include an option in the search engine of clipping path included. Right now, you're just depending on the keywords. Right?

A final question would be whether you prefer clipping path or over-whites? Right now, clipping paths don't seem to be inherited over resizes, and over-whites do.

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