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Look closley at the painting below. Look at the dog's "dick". Now, if I delete the "dick", do you think I'll get an increase in sales ?

I need some feedback. So if you read this, please add a comment with your opinion. Thank you !

Photo credits: Artaniss8.

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September 03, 2007


Not sure if this is the cause of no sales. It would be drastic to say that people want to buy your image but they wouldn't because ouch, there is this tiny "dick" word. We are not extremely picky or puritan about the words as long as they are common sense. If you feel like trying without the use of this particular keyword, then delete it. see how it goes.

September 01, 2007


yeah, i personally dont care if the delete it, but i think you would have more sales if you delete it.

September 01, 2007


Hi. It's funny cause when I saw that painting that part of it's body focused my attention. I think it's quite ordinary or in the other way to big. Dogs usually has no such a big thing, just sometimes. I had a german ship dog, male and it wasn't so obvious.. It's just my point of view.

Take care

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