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Antique Camera

I have a antique camera. In this century, it looks like very behind the times. Digital camera is very popular now. But it sheen once.

© Janlee

This is a double lens 120 camera. Its name is "MUDAN". I bought it in a second hand market. When I saw it in the market, I love it very much. The camera looks very new, but the price is low. I sturdy buy it at first. In the picture, you may see the camera is very new.

In this century, I think may be a great number of people use digital camera, e'en DSLR, include me. You may not be interested in film camera. You e'en can not think about how wonderful picture make by 120 film. Except you really don't know what is photography, you must love 120 film. It can make large picture but small volume.

This is a manual camera. It has not actinometer e'en. If you want to use it, you must be a professional lensman. I just use it once. I use it for my family. When I finish composition of a picture, I use the actinometer read the data. Now, I can set the aperture and shutter. It is a very happy experience.

© Janlee

Photo credits: Jian Qiang Lee.

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February 23, 2009


I love them, too. I have many of them.

February 23, 2009



I have a couple of pics of antique camera in my portfolio.


February 20, 2009


nan dao yao yong pin yin?

April 28, 2008



April 28, 2008



April 17, 2008



April 15, 2008



April 11, 2008



April 11, 2008


so antique:)

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