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Hello out there! I'm new to Dreamstime, so far the experience has been fun, to my delight I can boast of 10 images online! There has even been some views, now I'm anxious for those sales to come rolling in! I hope to learn what buyers are most interested so I can be more in tuned to meet their expectations and needs as well as sharpening my photography skills. Blogging is also a new thing for me, I hope to communicate with fellow bloggers from all over and make new friends! This is a fun and exciting time!

Photo credits: Cory Coker.

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December 09, 2013


Thank you everyone, I appreciate your encouragement and comments! :)

December 01, 2013


We've all been there. We get our first few photos accepted and then ask "show me the money". Then we stop and think. Hmmm, millions of images on this site. Maybe my few photos are a drop in the bucket. Maybe I should consider this to be a more drawn out affair rather than a quick over night lottery win. Some leave disappointed, others tuck in prepare for the long haul.

November 28, 2013


Welcome on board, CLCoker! Your image are really beautiful! Don't worry! Be happy! Sales will come! Just keep uploadind and shooting! Good luck!

November 28, 2013


Do not worry that sales will come, for now you have a small but beautiful portfolio, in the future (not far) to secure your sales will come! I forgot to welcome you to our great and wonderful community!

November 28, 2013


Beautiful images, I love your flowers and Autumn Fog. But I think you will need to upload more images to get sales, anyway if you keep uploading images as lovely as these I guess you will get sales very soon. Good luck!

November 28, 2013


I liked especially Autumn Fog...Even smelled that chilly air. Great shot! I am also relatively new. A lot of patience and good luck!

November 28, 2013


Lunchtime is a great image............. your flowers are soft and lovely. David

November 27, 2013


you have an amazing pictures, sure soon you will have sells , me too im new here and im Learning alot, and hope soon i can have atleast 10 pictures online before the new year.
good job continous :)

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