Any photographers near Venlo, Netherlands?

Back in Europe after more than five years in Asia. It feels strange, especially playing in snow for the first time in ages.

I've now moved to Venlo, which is in the Netherlands and on the border with Germany. They even have a part of town that's unofficially known as little Germany.

My main point in this blog is to meet other photographers (Dreamstimers?) who live near Venlo, that could be Eindhoven, Dusseldorf, Essen and Maastrict.

It'll be great to meet another microstocker and who knows, perhaps we can help each other with our crazy microstock projects.

Still haven't got any Dutch pictures approved but I do have some new ones from Europe - Wales to be precised.

Also got my first model release that doesn't include me, which represent the direction I want to take my microstock photography in.

It'll be great to hear from some locals!



Photo credits: Christopher Rawlins.

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February 07, 2011


My pigeon photos are easy to take for me, my dad has about 50 pigeons :).
I'm still new here, so I'm trying all sort of things.

If you are in the neighbourhood once, you can always contact me.

February 06, 2011


Hi, I'm not sure what's the best way to share contacts - anyway here's my email

Diavata - Wow - originally from Venlo! I love your drinks photos - they look very professional. If you want a model with some of those, perhaps something could be arranged - Eindhoven is not that far away.

Kinsjeroen - 300 kms - perhaps one day - it's not really that far. Your new valentine pics should do well. The one with the pigeon reminded me of the belgium film 'les convoyeurs attendent' - an excellent film.

February 06, 2011


I was born and raised in Venlo and now live in Eindhoven.

February 06, 2011


I live about 300 km's of your place ;-).

February 06, 2011


Hi, thanks for the comments. Physi28 - Spain is not local but it's more local than it used to be.
J0hnb0y, yes, I think meeting up with other microstockers will be a real help. I've definitely got loads to learn as well. I'll check out your page to see if I can leave a message.

February 06, 2011


welcome back to Europe...I am an Englishman living near to Cologne and would be interested in meeting other microstockers and possibly increasing my knowledge...i am home this next week if you want to send me a message. I leave to go on tour on the 14th and will be away until March 15th so give me a call.....

February 05, 2011


welcoma back in Europe :) Hope you find someone near Venlo ... but anyway you have a great photos!!

February 05, 2011


Hi Christopher! I hope you will find somebody who lives near Venlo. :) I wish you all the best! Congrats on your first model release!!! :) That´s really great!

February 05, 2011


I am not local but from Spain but anyway welcome home back to old Europe and much luck with your work here!

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