Any Picture Can Sell

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I've come to think this is so.

No matter how many times a thing have been shot - even to its death literally :-) - there can always be something different in each, from all the millions of pictures of the same thing.

For example, two oranges.

You can isolate them, have different coloured background and with different textures too.

And with leaves and without leaves.

And of course the light, its direction or directions, the hardness or softness, the temperature, and the complimentary shadows associated with each.

And finally its execution, and the resulting aesthetic and technical quality, from depth of field, the noise level, low or high key, etc etc

There will always be someone out in the world who needs two oranges with leaves on a red background - perhaps after seeing such a picture.

But, but - as always, there is a but in the tail - there may be only ONE person in all the world who needs such a picture, and may not find it in here, or was searching elsewhere, or decided from the onset to do one him or herself or commissioned someone to do it.

And then again, maybe not.

Double oranges with leaves on red background are visual puns for prosperity and wealth and luck, something most appropriate and traditionally used for such as Chinese New Year greeting cards.

But then perhaps I'm too far ahead in time. There are still Eid, Halloween, Hanukkah, and Christmas to go.

However their use need not be seasonal nor traditional.

For example they can also be used for wedding wishes, or as part of a congratulatory note for a new business or venture, or any success, even like passing school examinations.

Or making a sale on Dreamstime.

So here wishing all a double orange with leaves on red background to all making and have made your first sales. :-)

Photo credits: Lawrence Wee.

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