Any suggestion of compact digital camera good for sunday photographer?

Hi everybody, this is my first blog. I'm looking for a choice of digital camera that is compact and easy to use, take good pictures and have excellent price to value. Am I too greedy? Yes, one more, the body color and shape of the camera must be smart. After some researches, I'm going to try the Canon PowerShot G9.

Actually, on the early stage of the research, I was looking for a entry level DSLR such as Olympus EVOLT series. Any suggestion for a junior photographer like me?

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September 09, 2007


I just found new sample pictures here:

Powershot G9 Samples

September 08, 2007


Yes, that would convince me to wait and take a further look at the G9. The Olympus one is already very small but not very fit for a flat massager bag I carry everyday. I'm sure a compact DC is capable of taking great pictures. The only one thing I eager to avoid is the one with high resolution but got very small lens, because they can't collect enough light to feed the sensor.

September 08, 2007


Hi. I had G7 and it was great. I've red that G9 is even better. You can use filter by special adapter and with external flash works perfect. The only thing is the chip is so small and it produce noise in the higher iso value.For micro stocks it might be a problem.. Greetings

September 08, 2007


G9 and E410 or Evolt are good choices. The E410 might be a better machine but not quite pocketable. I would await DpReveiw's take on the G9. Preview photos I have seen from the G9 look good but I wonder if the G9 can take a polarizer filter. My present digicam (Canon A640) might be able to take filters but I have to buy an expensive adapter. The G9 will need an LCD screen protector.

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