Ape Cars

Hi, i must say this is the first time i write a blog. So if it's totally crap, please forgive me ;).

Anyway, When i was in Italy a few month's ago, i had a great holiday. Made a lot of photographs. In Italy you can just walk out of your door, and directly start to make pictures. You can find many beautiful objects just in the streets.

Or ofcourse... at the beach ;p

Oh i'm sorry i got a little distracted. What i actually wanted to say was...

In Italy, you can find Pizza, sun beach fashion ... But also APE-CARS!!

You can find them éverywere you look! And they are the cutest cars you've ever seen!! Italian brand Piaggo (also known for their Vespa motor) started to fabricate them in 1948, and they became a HUGE succes.

Actually, the succes was so big, they are still made today!

In my country, The Netherlands, we have big roads everywere. But in Italy the roads are very small, and quite often normal cars can't even go through.

The Ape cars have only three wheels!! And it's very small and tiny. There for it's highly useable in these small Italian alleys. They often are used as garbage-trucks, or to transport store suplies..

I don't think they are actually allowed on the highway, because for all i know, they aren't very fast. If you would ask me, i would say they would probably have a max speed of 50 km/h ..

But you see them everywere, when you are visiting nice old town's. They even had two Apecars at the camping i stayd at.

So i was kind of obsessed by Ape-cars during my holiday. Even when i was still a sleep, my girlfriend made pictures of them with her crappy smartphone when she went to buy some panini's in the morning.

We visited many places, and one day we went to a small town called Cervo.

It was by far the cutest little town i've ever seen in my life. The town was built on the top of a mountain, and the village it self was like a maze of little streets going up and down. I made some nice pictures there, you can see them in my port. But the reason why i'm telling you about Cervo is...

I fell in love.. The shape it was in.. The color.. The way it was parked..

It was love at first sight. Look at the cutie below!

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed. Please comment below? Even if you hate Apecars. ;)

Photo credits: , Vitabello.

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