From April's Fool to April's Fight

Climbers working together

Today is a different kind of April 1st. We were getting ready for a happier celebration, but fighting Coronavirus/COVID19 is our generation's test, the first big challenge of the 21st century. It will show how the world can be united or face despair. It will also show future generations how mankind found out the hard way that the world is a single place, and borders are just imaginary lines on maps. Keeping our nature healthy will keep us healthy. Protecting animals will also protect us.

While medical personnel, police or military staff, grocery stores cashiers, mailmen or delivery service employees cannot stay at home, we should make sure our staff is safe, and that goes for our contributors too. We know it's tempting, but there will be a better time to go out in the streets and photograph. Working from home helps you help others not get sick.

More businesses than ever turn to online commerce to promote their products and services. Our visual content already covers their needs, so what to do next? What to do besides ensuring we have content? How can we help? These seem to be the times when medical expertise, funds for medical supplies, and preventive strategies are needed most.

We have no medical experience, and the affected countries have various needs. So we came with a simple plan, the only obvious and the most straightforward thing we could do: donate 5% of all purchases.

The campaign was launched last Friday and is available sitewide as of today. Next week we expect to make our first payment to WHO's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, and we hope to continue to do so until all these graphs flatten and the pandemic is over. Why have we opted for the World Health Organization? Dreamstime is a global community, and as we've said, each affected country has its own needs. Different governments have different reactions, but the WHO has a comprehensive approach. It can inject help where it's most needed, and it can use other countries' experience to maximize results.

What can you do? Stay home and stay involved. Designers and photographers carry the world's brushes, and the best visuals can be uploaded or downloaded. Print infographics for your area, get involved in local actions, and help other volunteers or charities. Know any NGOs in need of visuals? Refer them to our new Fight-Coronavirus page, and we will supply them with the required graphics for free.

One world, one home.


Photo credits: Crazy Media.

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April 30, 2020


I am proud to be a small part of this company!great support and motivation!

April 07, 2020


I'm happy that this year, unlike others past, pranksters did not get wild with the April Fools thing. Times are really stretching it. Mutual cooperation is the need of the hour right now. Great Piece!~Sanjeev Nanda

April 05, 2020


Great work guys; thanks.

April 04, 2020


Hats off DT, you are great people with a great community! #StaySafe #StayHome

April 03, 2020


@Williamwise1, thank you for your efforts, too. Your articles on dog adoption & rescue are inspiring.

April 02, 2020


Fine idea and good to see people helping out.

April 02, 2020


Great idea Dreamstime! I have always been using my Dreamstime dog and cat photo sales to support the animal shelter adoption website. I'm glad to see DT doing a part in this fight against Coronavirus. At times we can feel so little and helpless in fighting such a big, invisible issue. I hope to contribute as well through my sales the next few weeks, as well as continuing to put my revenues toward the pet adoptions. William 

April 02, 2020


I am proud to be a small part from this company! Great decision! 

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