April: sad month....

What sadness: so far this month I sold just two illustrations on dreamstime ... oh, how strange are these changes in the sales!

There are periods where I sell a lot and others where I sell just a little, even though it was many months since I sold so few pictures.

How's it going this month, to you instead?

Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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today I sold the foutrh image of the month! I hope it's just the beginning: I want to sell more image ;)


I have experienced lower sales in April as well..this month isn't that great either..i don't know what is happenning :s


Yes it's possible also what you say. I know my portfolio has some "low periods", but I think there's more ;)


I would hope it is just that people don't need as many this time of year. Hope things pick up.


I understand: I had only tre sales last month and three this month. I have a suspect but I have to wait and see what will happen!


The month of April for me wasn't beautiful I only had sales between subscriptions and 16 credits while February and March have averaged a sale per day, and this had made me hope, while in May I had only two subscriptions and today is 10 May. What can I say? Nothing moves, it all seems static


uhm....I don't know....when you see an image with the reason "undef", you don't think good things :(


It's time to focus on May! April was wierd but I think May has the potential to be great! Keep working and uploading and don't get discouraged. I wish you every success for May and every month afterwards! :)


@ LAURASINELLE! I understand what you said and your feeling.
There's a question for all of you: Do you know when started the new prices of DT? I read there was a trial period, but I don't know when it started.


For me, april was also a sad month, so lets work hard!


Also I'm creating new images: we see this month if will be better than april ;)


April was my fourth best month so far. We all know April was a weird one. It really not even worth talking about. Sit around and have a pity party all you want, I'm working on more images to upload.


Mine dropped this month too


True ;)
we only have to see ;)


Hey, people! May has started. Let's hope it will be better... :)


@ Gong777: you have few images, but don't be afraid! Selling will come soon also for you ;)


@ Lfmperereira: I ended the month with 3 images sold....not good :(


I ended up with 8 sales in April. Not bad? i have some doubts... :)

Better times will come for all of us. I hope so.


dont worry! i have no sales at all!


Yes, I think this is a possibility. So, let's see next month ;)


Personally I think that the drop of sales for same contributors doesn't depend by external reasons, but by something that happens inside, like the new pricing scheme.
I would also to say that I was surprised not only by the drop of sales of my portfolio from the beginning of April.
I was surprised also in March when, before this sudden descent of sales, I was selling pictures at a rate too high for my portfolio(even two or three pictures per day).
As if the buyers knew that something was about to happen (probably a change in the price of the photo) and they wanted to quickly to dispose their credits.
I hope, for those of us who had a decline in sales, it will be sufficient to wait that the buyers get used again to the new pricing scheme....


today the third sale fo the month....
@ Jamenges: I didn't know about this problem with Panda, but it could make some problem about the searching out the side, but inside the site we have 4.000.000 of designer....Uhm....I don't know :(


Only one (subscription - very sad face). Something is definitely wrong with my portfolio.


there seems to be a trend here. I have read that the new Google Panda algorithm penalizes some photo sites - have been wondering if that has effected us at Dreamstime. my sales have dropped off completely as well.
Can Dreamstime add any insight?


Yes....too strange, but something will change soon, I hope ;)


Only 2 sales this month, it is so strange for me too. Hope for the happy May :)


Uhm....it's not good! Uhm....Can we go all in Holyday??? ;)
   Seaside house   


Yes, I sold a few photos this month.


We only have to hope, Baldas1950. Also I have sold only 2 images this month and I'm waiting for the new wind! ;)


Very bad for sale. In the five past months I had an average of 12 images sold per month. Now at april 25 I sold only 3 images. The advantage is only the absence of subsriptions. But I hope the wind will change in the next and I will continue to upload.

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