Arabic Calligraphy

Back in the day Arabs didn't have a civilization or a culture like Persians, Greeks, or Romans. They were nomad tribes fighting each other on grass and water. On the other hand they used to have exhibitions for poet, they will meet every year from all tribes every one with his master piece of poet that he was working on it all year long.. and at the end of the exhibition they will pick the best one and write it with gold ink on a piece of leather and hang it on the holy KAABA located in Mecca. All this before Islam. Arabic language is very romantic, poetic, and artistic language and so it'scalligraphy is very complicated and artistic containing very strong composition, structure or lines and curves..

Photo credits: Khalil Abusharekh.

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Thanks for your answers. It does sound very complicated if some of the letters have have different shapes depending where they are in a word and different places having different styles too. I like the shapes and flow but I think I would end making up words if I tried to write anything. Cheers :0)


Answering your question wildmac and supporting Mani33's answer, Arabic has 28 letters and they work like english letters combined to create words, and then sentences also having some vowels, but there is some differences in writing for example we write from right to left. We connect letter together in the same word in most cases. Then some letters will be written in more than one shape depending on its position in the word. and finally as an overall concept we have several styles of writing, these styles developed as independent arts regarding the areas, for example there is pesian style, andalusyan style in Spain, Dewani style in Baghdad, and several others; here where it comes to be complicated even for arabs.. sorry for talking too much :)


Yes! I love Arabic Calligraphy ;)


 Arabic Alphabet 1 Part 6 
Here is an example of 4 letters... from down clockwise... L - M - K - "Que"


Actually Arabic language has 28 letters but to make a word they have a way to write them as a joined hand writing... What you see here are special fonts like the different fonts we use in the computer...
These fonts are inspired from the original arabic hand writers who wrote these fonts by hand and gave each font a name and each font has rules as well. It sounds complicated but very interesting...


These look very complicated. Does each line/swirl represent a letter or are they more like Chinese where each set of lines represents a word and when you put them together they create another word? Very interesting, thank you for sharing :0)


True =]


It is always a pleasure to learn of the traditions and cultures of others, thank you for sharing.


Yes it is... Thanks for the post ;)


Hi Omar I agree with you.

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