Architectural photography

I like to shoot buildings and architecture. Maybe the main reason why I like to take photos of buildings is that I am a civil engineer.

I'm on constant prey.

© Mariv

I like old buildings and facilities, I like construction sites, I like new buildings and facilities, ...

I must admit that I like old buildings more. But psssst...

On the photo on the right is my favourite building. The Torpedo launch pad station in Rijeka. Very interesting and old building. Also very ruined and devastated. I like the uniqueness and history of this building so it became my favourite "building model".

Although my DT portfolio doesn't show much, but when I find "interesting" building I like to play with shooting angles. Mostly I use my wide angle 10-22mm lens. Also I use the 50mm a lot. Wide angle one gives me curves and a lot of playable material (material to play with).

© Mariv
I shoot and upload most of frontal shoots of buildings and facilities like these one.

Do you find this kind of photography interesting? What do you think of my uploaded examples?

Thanx to everybody in advance.

Photo credits: Ivan Marovic.

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Late, but i would like to comment this blog. I love also architectural photography and I manage two collection referred to it if you want have a look:

Buildings of the world

Churches and cathedrals

I hope you like them.


Thank you very much.


Nice work, good luck with sales.

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