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yesterday is today's past, and Today is tomorrow's past. so now , we can see everything, tomorrow will be memory and commemoration.

time and s has been devastated many landscape, the remaining is precious.

when you meet, what do you think?

i think : today, it still exists ,maybe tomorrow it be gone.

Cherish the moment, with the camera recorded today, give tomorrow a recollection, especially some buildings, its which you can see the flavor of the times. just you shoot these, you will not sigh in disappear.

Cherish the present, let the past will be touch, let the commemoration can see!

Well, let's enjoy the stamps together!

I just took the vast sea of the iceberg, and I will be hardwork, if you have a good idea, please a lot of advice!

thank you!

Korean architecture


Japan architecture

Thai architecture



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Photo credits: Xin He.