Architecture as Commercial or Editorial

Hello Community,

Its been a while since I wrote a blog but I've been really busy. still keeping up with Dreamstime since I hope this to be a success. I've been learning a lot about taking different kind of pictures but unfortunately only have 2 sales...

Anyway the purpose of this blog post is to see what you all know about Architecture/ Landmarks and how it would relate to whether it would be a commercial image or a editorial image? I am asking because I have been taking lots of Architectural images and just want to make sure that I place them under the correct category.

From my understanding if its a well-known landmark such as the Eiffel tower it would be a Editorial and if not well known then its commercial? I took an image of the Shaker Village in the Berkshires and their Dome as you see in the image is very well known among them so I put the image as Editorial.

But what if its someone's home? For example someone has a beautifully decorated yard and I take pictures of it? I may be over thinking this whole thing,... please help!

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September 15, 2013


ugh! Thanks Jareso, its so complicated! Just want to be careful. I guess maybe its safer and easier to just make them Editorial...

September 13, 2013


As it was already said, this is really complicated stuff because it is in most cases country specific and thus depends on many factors.

But two most important factors to keep in mind when taking photos of architecture is HOW OLD it is and WHO OWNS it. Such as:
(Talking about taking photos of exteriors of constructions.)

If constructions (castles, ruins, historical buildings, etc.) you are going to take photos of are old enough (19th century or older) AND they are owned by state you are usually 99.9% safe to sell them as RF.

Same goes if constructions (sacral monuments, churches, temples, cathedrals, places of worship, etc.) are owned by one of the world's largest/known Churches, such as by Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, Evangelical Church, etc. It is safe to sell them as RF. But if they are owned by smaller churches, such as by various sects you could possibly have problems selling them as RF, because they are...

September 12, 2013


OKay. Thank you Sarkao. Seems so complicated. I would think its just a matter of trademark but with buildings and architecture, I get confused whether or not I can use it as RF. I might continue to just use as RF and hope for the best.

Thank you!

September 11, 2013


like most Middle Ages.
wine barrels beautiful!

September 11, 2013


It is too complicated.. Eiffel tower is editorial just by night, there is problem with lights no tower :).
The Atomium in Brussel should be editorial but on DT is mostly like RF..
I think that in Greece and Italia is editorial architecture of 20th century (theoreticaly on DT you can find also RF pictures).

Really strage is situation about The Charles bridge for example. You can use Charles bridge like RF, but you can be penalisated for using tripod there.

It is different in different countries and buildings..

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