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Wedding is one of the most significant days in the life of a young couple

On the wedding day, two destinies are woven together. Photos can capture the most touching moments of our lives. Over time, each of us erase memories and the only way to refresh them is to look at the pictures again. Looking at the photos we can feel the same atmosphere full of happiness and love, feel the same touching emotions, at such moments the heart is filled with the same love and kindness as on the day of the celebration. That is why all young couples try to make as many good and high-quality... continue reading

Tip of the week: how to choose between being a designer or an illustrator

You may be starting your career or may be on a crossroad of choices after having experimented with art and design. Most individuals at this juncture in our industry (specifically artists at early stages) have a choice to make between being an illustrator or a designer. Only later in life with more experience one can tug both boats if they want and if the need is presented. This is true with most small business owners in the area of design who happen to be good artists.So let us quickly understand... continue reading

Binoculars: a photographer’s tool

To save some wear and tear on my camera, I purchased my first pair of good binoculars for my routine bird listing. That way, my Nikon D500 camera could stay safely at home on rainy or drizzly days. I was merely intending to use the binoculars on occasional birding outings, but I soon found they are a wonderful tool for wildlife and bird photography.The first time I put these new optics up to me eyes I was blown away. Compared to peering through the 600 mm camera lens, the field of view was incredible.... continue reading

Picking the Right Lens for Any Situation

A lens for all situations? ... never invented yetAll situations is a very big word; not for the count of letter it contains but for the count of possibilities for situations one may encounter. One might think, for one or two shots in mind of a certain focal length, that a lens that has this focal length will serve for many photos ... to find out that it actually is useless most of the time.... and soon you'll keep it home and then one day you'll regret not having it; but then, it gets... continue reading

How To Create Epic Star Wars Style Star Fields in Adobe Photoshop

It’s not really that difficult to make a convincing star field for your backgrounds and space projects. You absolutely need an Epic Star Wars Style Star Fields that you can create in Adobe Photoshop to start with any space scene. This can serve as a background for such an undertaking or a great way to start creating a video. Here we will also explore how to create warp motion effect to simulate a spaceship going to warp. So let's go “steady as she goes!”1. So we open Adobe PS and start... continue reading

Easy Ways to Create These 5 Retro Photography Styles from the Past

Here are five ways you can recreate those retro styled photos from the past using your camera, some old stuff and your favourite image editor.Feel nostalgic about those broken, noisy, out of focus, sepia and weird photos from the past and want to recreate them today? Sorry for sounding like a critic but there really is no reason to love old photography other than the emotional value and nostalgia from that age. And for that love alone, we take the plunge into the past. Photographers have been skilled... continue reading

8 Lightroom Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

For those who have come to use lightroom as their bread and butter as far as final image processing is concerned, we often find new and better ways to do things in the software as we learn more. Let me share a few tips, tricks and lightroom hacks that may be of use to you if you are not familiar with them already.1. Quickly find and eliminate spots: You may be familiar with the spot removal tool in lightroom. Right below the view window that you get to while removing spots, you will see an option... continue reading

How to Ensure Your Website’s Images Look Great on Retina Displays

Now why would retina display matter? Ask a lot of people unfamiliar with apple devices but successfully running websites. And what on earth is a retina display anyway? So let’s try to find the technical underpinnings of this technology and why you need retina friendly images on your website.A high pixel density screen is marketed by apple as “retina”. Usually while LCD in standard monitors is around 100 ppi (standard 22 inches FHD), retina devices have pixel density of 218 to 264 pixels... continue reading

Animal Shelter Photography: Doc

“Doc” was a happy mixed breed boy that came into the animal shelter on April 11, 2019. Sadly, he had just been adopted from another animal shelter, but was turned in to the Walton County Animal Control shelter in Georgia after only five days from his first adoption. The adopter said they “weren’t allowed to keep him.”It seems like common sense, but before adopting a new pet, make sure everyone involved approves. The landlord is the top of the list. If they say know, then you and/or the new... continue reading

Mastering the Basics : Adobe Photoshop

Unless you are a student of SOOC (straight out of camera), you will probably want to make adjustments to your digital images after you’ve taken them. For most of us, Adobe Photoshop is our go-to post processing software. And like most things in life today, post processing photographs can be simple or complicated depending on your level of expertise and desired effects.Fortunately, there are a few basic functions that, once understood and practiced, can transform 99% of the images you take... continue reading

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