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Finding Your Happy Place

I was reading a post by PictJapan about stock photography making her happy. The blog prompted these thoughts about my own philosophy of photography.We all need a happy place. I define this location as a retreat; a place to go when times are rough and the seas are choppy. It is a place to for solace and, hopefully, to regenerate your spirit. A happy place is not always immediately at hand. It may be a place from your childhood or a distant vacation spot that reverberates in your memory banks. It may... continue reading

Tip of the week: Organise your desk like a pro

There are so many things that creep up on your desk sooner or later, especially if you spend a lot of hours working on your computer(s). Yes you read it right, it may be not just one but 2 computers that you may be working with. If you are like me, you may have a windows machine sharing the same desk as a mac without extra input devices, and how? There are certain things you can do to make life a lot easier and your desk clutter free. I am sure you will find it useful and a lot more pleasing... continue reading

5 Useful Tips For the Post-Edit

I grew up in the era of film cameras. Trusty beasts they were, cameras that created pictures and photographs that lived on through their negatives, but gave you very little opportunity for after-the-fact adjustments. A friend calls it the Dark Ages of Photography. While I have fonder memories of the time period, the ability of photo manipulation was clearly limited for an amateur with a film camera.Enter the digital world. Photo tweaks can be made right before your eyes on the camera. By uploading... continue reading

Tip of the week: Use shapes to create beautiful illustrations

While creating illustrations that are rich in detail, it is not necessary to think on the lines of making everything with freehand, brushes or tablets. You can use a very effective and elementary method to create impressive looking shapes. You can use both freehand simple shapes and inbuilt geometrical shapes inside illustrator to create detailed graphics.The Shape Builder tool in illustrator: Do you remember drawing geometrical shapes like flowers and patterns, mandalas and that kind of stuff using... continue reading

Stock photography makes you happy?

I started stock photography in 2016 but forgot about it after a while. Then in 2019, I logged in my account of a stock agency and was very surprised to find a photo of a local shrine was sold for 30 dollars and some others for 25 cents. This motivated me a lot, and I started uploading more photos.I learned ropes through YouTube and uploaded more "practical" photos like stations, bus stops, etc. around sightseeing spots. I started enjoying small sales like 4 to 6 photos a month (... continue reading

Iceland - A Photographic Destination

Very little can prepare you for the beauty of Iceland. It is no wonder that those pesky Vikings wanted to give it a name that would discourage visitors from intruding on their island sanctuary. Once you get used to the idea that trees are not native to this northern land, you are swept into a world of picturesque waterfalls, impressive architecture and a welcoming environment that makes you forget the absence of expansive forests and green conifers.I, in no way, consider myself an expert on Iceland... continue reading

Dog Rescue Photography: Maggie Mae

"Maggie Mae" was brought into the animal shelter on June 18, 2020. I would never have known it based on her sweet personality in the shelter, but the callers and responding animal control officer said she was being quite the pistol out on the streets. But it turns out she was probably defending her puppies which were somewhere in the neighborhood.Thankfully, with the efforts of some citizens and police, Maggie’s puppies were found in a crawl space under a nearby house. Maggie was reunited... continue reading

The Wild Untamed Squirrel

When there's no moose, bear, or cougar, what's a wildlife photographer to do? I've taken to photographing squirrels. Yes, that's right: the wild untamed squirrel ...In folklore, squirrels are known as fuzzy mischief-makers. In fact, one story from the Indigenous American Choctaw, tells of a black squirrel who tried to eat the sun causing the very first solar eclipse. It doesn’t get more mischievous than that.Here in the Eastern United States, we have the gray squirrel.... continue reading

Tip of the week: Isolating your subject matter and adding a new background

If you’ve ever found yourself dissatisfied with one of your images because you weren’t completely happy with the background (perhaps it’s boring, too cluttered, or maybe you want to recycle some of your images with a different look), you’ll learn in today’s Tip of the Week how to isolate the main subject you would like to keep, and remove the background. This will leave you with your subject on an empty background and you’ll be able to insert a new image as the backdrop.In this... continue reading

Tip of the week: Using PS adjustment layers

While most people who have used photoshop may have used photoshop adjustment, there is another way to do it better. With adjustment layers in photoshop, there is scope to improve your image enhancement methodology. Not only it is easier to use, it allows you far more control on how you touch your photo up. It is also non destructive method where you can keep your original image intact or save the PSD and still leave the underlying image untouched while making enhanced versions of the same image at... continue reading

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