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Tip of the week: Blurs, the good, the bad and the ugly

Blurs are something we absolutely always get with photography, mostly in form of camera shakes and slow shutter speeds. Most blurs are undesirable and unartistic, while some are deliberate work of art. Just like any good photograph or illustration, a good blur does require artistic outlook and effort. Let's see what separates the good blurs from the bad and the ugly.Simple rule: if it adds to the artistic value, it's a good blur. If it does not live up to the mark that much but still is... continue reading

Happiest Place on Earth!

There’s a popular theme park known as "the happiest place on earth". Why? Because every visitor to a Disney park can’t help but be happy! There is something for everyone: food, fireworks, parades, plays, princesses, lights, roller coasters, costumes, movies, resorts, pools, shopping and more. You’d have to deliberately concentrate your problems to not have fun here!But what about for photographers? Is there something for them? Obviously! You can get practice shooting many varieties... continue reading

5 Focused Tips To Turn Your Photography Hobby Into A Career

Photography is a fun hobby for many but only a profession for a lucky few. If you truly love taking photographs and want to turn your hobby into a career, here are some tips that will get you started.PracticeAs with all artistic pursuits, the key to getting better is to practice. Take lots of photos and learn from each one. Don't just practice with your camera - practice using industry-standard software such as Adobe PhotoShop and Lightroom as well. This experience will make you a... continue reading

Pet Adoption Photography: Luke

“Luke” and his shepherd mix sister “Leia” were both brought into the Walton County Animal Control shelter after being thoughtlessly dumped on a nice lakefront property in Georgia on January 25, 2019. Although just 7-months-old, Luke was already a big boy! He wasn't too well socialized and didn’t know the first thing about walking on a leash. That always can make a photo session difficult.I got “Luke” outside, and like an uncooperative kid at a portrait session, he just didn'... continue reading

Kilimanjaro - The roof of Africa

When you are climbing this mountain, you go through the rainforest, heath, moorland, alpine desert and arctic climate zones. It’s been said that a Kilimanjaro climb is like traveling from the equator to the North Pole. Throughout this story, you can take a great part in my adventure on one of the mountains in the seven summits. The adventure takes place in Tanzania, Africa, and started out something like this;The sun was rising on a bright and clear late summer day in Norway. I didn't sleep... continue reading

Water of Life

Why are scientists always looking for water on other planets? Because life can’t exist without water! NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory writes, "Liquid water is a necessity for every form of life known. With this in mind, scientists are eagerly searching for liquid water in places other than Earth."Each creature on this planet requires different amounts of water for survival. We humans require about 2.5 quarts of water per day. Without it, our blood thickens, we become... continue reading

Exploring Different Angles, Even With Moss

I remember as a child my father taking his large camera with us on trips and walking around bushes, flowers, and any random object really to take pictures. I always wondered why he would get down low or in a strange position. Forward twenty years and now I'm doing the same thing.As someone new to the world of photography, and still learning the ropes, one of the things I've learned is to explore different angles. Capturing an image of a flower while standing above it is one thing,... continue reading

Composite image, can you do it?

You can create a composite image by using two or more photographs to create one image. I am sure that every body made at least one composite image in their life - the basic one, in which you swap the heads on your family portrait .To create this image I used 3 photos which I made earlier on. Note that you don't need professional equipment to shoot photos which you intend to use for composite image. Your smart phone will do just fine. To create a picture of Lap top and mobile... continue reading

Tip of the week: Instagram

Hello to everyone, I’m going to give you a short breakdown of one the most popular social media site, Instagram. We are going to talk about the algorithm, how to grow your followers and a couple of the features that you can use to get more exposure for your posts. Naturally, if you already have a solid following you can skip this blog but if you are a newbie and need a couple of tips, this could be worth your time. If you are completely new to the social media scene it could be worth your time reading... continue reading

Between two worlds

The event is the world of its heroes and the world of its participants. When photographing you have to be in both of them. Transparent for the participants and ready in hot moments. That's why I get acquainted with the programme of the event and watch films from previous events of this cycle. I’m wearning a grey outfit. I come to the place of the event earlier. I walk around the area choosing a few places for later photography.Once the event starts, I observe the lighting and try... continue reading

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