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Tip of the week: Inspiration

Ever since I started with drawing my first picture, Like most of us, I have been inspired by things around me and photographer/artists around the world whose work I had the chance to come across. The deepest inspiration however has been nature and its beautiful abundance of variety. From dense forests to rolling hills, from deserts to beautiful beaches, from snowy Himalayan peaks that lie barren since forever to sprawling colonies of penguins on the arctic ice. Nature has always inspired me and so... continue reading

Best Wildlife Photography Tip: Shoot Everyday!

An overcast January morning with a slight breeze makes it a bit chilly for my exposed fingers and nose. Perhaps I'd rather stay indoors. But the grass has been mowed around the upper pond, there’s a lot of bird activity, and so it is a great time to go shooting!Bird photography tips abound. There is everything from concise web pages to multi-volume books on the subject. The tips range from knowing your species to knowing your equipment; tips on shutter speed, aperture and ISO; tips... continue reading

Spring in action

With so much digital technology nowadays keeping us photographers busy, so many hours can be spent in front of a computer processing all those digital files from your camera...not to mention all those hours using editing suites to create designs etc!Whilst all that processing is going on though, a beautiful time of year is sneaking up on us....SPRING!So much is happening in nature around us right now....blink...and you will miss it for another year!Spring is particularly a lovely part of the year... continue reading

Tip of the week: Photography in the wild

In the wild there is no easy snapshot and therefore walking through searching for wild animals, that pass through, is not that great of an option. Off course we're talking about animals rather than flora, landscapes, sunrises or sunsets.Three very important things one needs to have in order to fulfill the task of taking actual images of animals in their natural habitat.1- Patience:Don't expect animals to jump over and pose in front of you, that you know of, and it actually takes a... continue reading

Pet Rescue Photography: Otis

It is sad at times how dogs get bounced around from home to home. I understand that things don’t always work out, but if there could be a little more effort and tolerance on the part of pet owners, the constant in-and-out within animal shelters could be reduced.Otis was a handsome blue Pitbull dog that at one time had a home as a puppy. But later on in life he ended up in an animal shelter. There he was neutered, microchipped and adopted out into a new home. Happy ending, right?Well, on February... continue reading

Chess ... what a passion!

Hello to all friends and users (new and old) of this wonderful community!This new series of illustrations was born from my youthful passion for chess. I saw writing the word chess, on the search engine of Dreamstime, where this sport is depicted with images or rhetorical photographs, represented in general.I wanted to access the real issues of the most complex game ever. I started with the openings, which are the first steps to be made, making the appropriate classifications, in open,... continue reading

Professional Caption For Event Photography

After taking photos of an event, as a microstocker I think our responsibility is not limited with the quality of the photo only, but it's also about a professional caption for the subject & the event as well.We can't forget that some of our buyers are journalists or press writers and many times they are looking for a specific event to license images as an editorial. Though we should provide them with accurate information behind the photo and describing it.I know Microstocks agencies... continue reading

Tips on media filling

I thought I would share this information to build up my portfolio of journalistic publications. Thanks to digital technology and the digital platform of communication and trading, we are creating more media files than ever before… both hobbyists and professionals. We produce video files, graphics files, audio files, textual files and of course photographic image files. With the exception of textual files, these file types are generally quite large and quickly consume storage space.A professional... continue reading

Body parts in photography

Conceptual photography can be taken to the next level by introducing human body parts to the final image."Human body parts!" I hear you scream.Yes, human body parts!I usually perform my own stunts when it comes to body parts, which include pulling strange faces in the mirror for different facial expressions etc, taking photos of my limbs, and using individual body members in images like eyes, hands, arms and feet!Introducing body parts into conceptual photography can really breath life into... continue reading

10 cleanest cities in the world for the year 2018 which attracted many tourists and photographers

The image has became able to define identity and cultural heritage through photographs that speak about the interaction and convergence between heritage and modernity,, and how the images transcend their geographical boundaries to become real works of art .There are many reasons to travel with multiple hobbies around the world. It is possible to find one link that may bring travelers everywhere and it s to search for wonderful, beautiful and rare images of nature and various aspects of life.... continue reading

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