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This one was buried in digital dust somewhere in my archives until recently.

The morale of the story is there may be gems hidden somewhere on your harddisk.

But it surely is a tedious task to go through ALL the pictures in every sector of every harddisk.

Lightroom is a pretty good tool to do this, especially when browsing by date of shoot. It does bring back memories of those days too.

Also I think we should not be too hasty to delete pictures especially at capture, for maybe two reasons.

One of course is that you may find a use of the picture, or a part of it, in some other context later.

And secondly, perhaps more importantly, is to know why the picture didn't turn up as you had earlier seen it in your mind's eye, before you release that shutter.

Photo credits: Lawrence Wee.

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November 14, 2007


It's a really good idea to browse through the old pictures and find out that they could be a really good stock ones. Probably till year ago, I've never thought I will produce stock oriented photos. But, actually, I've taken a bunch of good images. I'm gonna put my hand in the box with dusty CDs and DVDs tonight!

P.S. You have found out a really good image, Lawrence!

November 13, 2007


I once had the experience of watching an 87 year old photographer get a look at decades of negs that he had not printed at the time. A stock agency had provided him with a negative reader. He was amazed at what he neglected but that had stood the test of time. so use care when tossing but also avoid the trap of saving everything.

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