Arctic autumn light

In my previous blogs

I was talking about the bue light of december that is corresponding to the dark period,

This light is preceded and followed by the pink that is typical for end of november beginning of january. To complete my description of arctic winter light I will spend few words about october's light that, at sunset, is full of ochre-yellow nuances,

and gives very sharp contrasts.Timing is very important, the 5-6 hours of good light you have in october are reduce to 2 in october and the pink light lasts few minutes. For catching the blue light...You have to go always around with the camera and waiting for the lucky seconds .

Photo credits: Paologozzi.

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January 14, 2010


Very nice atmosphere and mood, they are really beautiful!

January 14, 2010


beautiful images as your previous ones - well done, you've managed to capture the beauty so well :)

January 13, 2010


Great moments! Thanks for sharing... ;)

January 13, 2010


Amazing images

January 13, 2010


@Keki: Lofoten islands, Northern Norway

January 13, 2010


I wish so much to see these light. Beautiful photos

January 13, 2010


lovely photos! where is that? stunning place! well done! :)

January 13, 2010


Wow, it really needs a lot of efforts. But is rewarding.
I'm used to long hours of red or orange or purple or golden sunset sky, but when I was on Canary Islands I was amazed how fast the sun disappeared behind the horizon there.
We were at the beach. My mom wanted to learn to take sunset photos and asked me to help her with some settings. It was a great place where we stood - we had a view over the ocean with some palm trees in front of us. Mom wanted to wait a little bit so the sun would be in the exact best position she wanted to have it. Suddenly another photographer stepped in front of us, a little bit closer to the beach, and not noticing us, started to take pictures in front of us. We were cool - okay, we are on vacation, we have plenty of time, we can wait. And we did. I explained something about camera settings to my mom, and when I raised my eyes, I was almost shocked - the sun was almost disappeared! With couple of minutes! Now we were in a hurry to have at least some photos about that beautiful sunset sky. And we got, but I'm used to see the sun slowly-slowly gliding into the see, but then I wouldn't have been surprised, if I would have seen splash drops on the horizon. It went so fast.
It's amazing, and so beautiful, that sky light can be so differently in different places. Great photos again. Thanks for introducing us with arctic light.

January 13, 2010


Very nice photos!

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