Arghhhhh...old, senile, superficious

I've just written a long article about my age, attitude, life before computers, life with computers...and the troubles that BBCode made today to me, and than wanted to make a link to my latest approved picture, and I have missed something, and everything disappeared :(

Maybe I'll rewrite it some day, but I'm to tired now.It's very late in this part of the world.

One try more ( but this time I'll copy the text before):

My latest approved picture

Photo credits: Jelena Popić.

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September 11, 2007


We will wait, to try again..

September 11, 2007


Oh, so sorry to hear it. That's why I write my text in Notepad, especially, when writing takes a little more time than a minute. And then copy and paste into comment box and add pictures.
Hope, some day we'll hear from you your story. Don't give up!

September 10, 2007


I also experienced lost many time during blogging or entering of keywords etc by editing online. It usually happens when connections are broken, server error, missing something or just clicked a wrong link. You can't go back, that's a computer world without undo. Hope some browsers will add some functions to save the words.

I understand your feelings, again will never be the same again. Hope to see your articles.


September 10, 2007


You don't have to be old to miss something. ;) I lose things every day, even my own thoughts that I've been concentrating on diligently, so as not to forget. But, they frequently run away from me. Some of them never return!

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