Army Daze

First time doing a TFCD (time for CD) with a male model and he agreed for the pictures to be put on DT. Which is a bonus because I get to learn to shoot portraiture outdoors as well as benefit from commercial sales here.

For those who like army stuff, here are some sample pictures.

Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.

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February 29, 2008



February 29, 2008


Hi eprom its actually a replica gun. In my country, owning a real gun is illegal. There are very strict gun rules here in Singapore.

Well, the downloads you saw was actually assignment pictures which they escalated to level 4. which means that buyers will have to pay more for those photos since its of higher level. :)

February 29, 2008


it is a real gun?

one question for you. i see your profile, your total sales is 280. but you have 7 photos up to 100 downloads, than means >700 downloads. why the total sales is still 280?

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