Around the world on Microstock - Update...

In my last blog update, I announced that I was going to be traveling the world... and funding the trip from microstock earnings. My plan at that time was to post regular updates with stories and photos. Well since then I've spent time in Asia before crossing the length of the North American Continent on an 11,000km overland journey.

In this time I've road-tripped Big Sur in California, gone horseback riding through canyons in Mexico, toasted marshmallows on an active volcano in Guatemala, gone scuba diving in Honduras, Sand-boarded down another volcano in Nicaragua, and survived the ghettos of Panama.

I'm now taking some time out in Medellin, Colombia for the next month to improve my rudimentary Spanish, and as usual to try to make some inroads into my ever-present backlog of files to be processed and uploaded.

To read more about the journey, check out my personal website (opens in new window):

Around the world on Microstock... Pt 2

Photo credits: , Holger Mette.

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Holger mate, I so envy you...
If you go to Europe as well, you need to see Romania!
Pay an unannounced visit to DT headquarters...


great is a trip ;D..bye:* oh...if you'll come to Rome let me know for a coffe ..


Thank you for sharing your great journey!
Looking forward hearing from you again.
Ciao, Holger


You are living my dream! thank you for having the guts and the initiative to do this. You are an inspiration.


Thanks so much for all the comments! Its always nice to look at the portfolios of familiar faces to see how everyone is progressing, and its even better to hear from you all!


Gret photo.....and great trip !!!!


You are my idol from today.

I hope one day I can do something "funding entirely from micro-stock earnings".


Hi Holger,
Great trip!Great shot!!!
I've been to Brisbane,that is a beautiful coastal city

Welcome to beijing!!!


Hi Holger! Great trips you have!
I still remember when I started in stock photography 1 year ago, you were one of the first who said "welcome" to me! I didn't believe a person can travel only with the money out of Stock photography - but now I know we can!
Keep travelling - great pictures!

I like Ami Levin's motto: "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list" (Shaka Zulu). And you? I think it fits you well!!


great photos, and colorful as well.


Wishing you continued safe and adventurous travels, and looking forward to future posts!


I wondered when we would hear from you again! Keep bringing us the color from around the world :)

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