The Art of Money

Well I have always enjoyed the look of money from around the world. I find it very interesting how each country is so very different when it comes to their currency. All the sizes and the different colors. Some countries put holes in the center of coins others leave them fully intact.
© Kentoh
Every country has different size bills except the United States, which I also find interesting. The effort put into the design of a single bill or coin is just amazon when you watch the process and design. I have toured both the US mint in Denver, CO and the US Bill printer facility in Ft. Worth, TX...sorry no pictures, that's forbidden. Another thing fascinating is the detail gone into keeping the bills from being counterfeited with water marks, silkscreens, threaded tape, shifting color ink among other things I am sure.

Currently the US currency is the number one counterfeited followed by the UK and the Euro. Makes you wonder with the change US economy if that will change. I would love to find out the ideas behind the Euro as it is making a currency representing many countries. I have created a collection of coins and bills from around the world, old and check them out. Also if you have any complete currencies I am missing let me know.

Money of the World

© Sufi70

I will leave you will a final picture that cracked me the US economy gotten this bad that you would burn this bill for a photo...hahahaha

Photo credits: Alexey Zaytsev, Joel Blit, Kheng Ho Toh, Kevin Tietz, Sufi70, Ken Pilon, Vinicius Tupinamba, Zoom-zoom.

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September 23, 2008


Creative works!Great!!!

August 22, 2008


Nice picture of the Canadian bills. Years ago I got a one thousand dollar canadian bill and I should have kept it as it ceased to be printed after year 2000 and it has become a collectible item....

August 22, 2008


I sure hope (for the owner) the last one is a fake!

August 22, 2008


great money shots, i like the last one especially!!

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