The Art of Not Selling Photos

Well, it's been a while since I have posted so I figured I would give a sign of life to my fellow photographers. I haven't given up on photography - far from it. I've been immersed in other creative work for a while but I am always looking for opportunities to take a few shots.

So, 60 uploads and about 35 "sales" later, there is a definite pattern as to what sells in my portfolio. So far (and some may find this useful) my best selling photos are...drumroll please...medical related pictures which include people. (Yeah, big surprise I am sure!) Of course, my portfolio here is tiny compared to most contributors, so I'll let you decide if that is useful information.

The problem is I really dislike the kind of studio shooting required to get those type of pictures. I also find the lighting and presentation to be extremely....hmmm clinical (to borrow a medical term). Yeah, I know, it's stock photography, not fine art. But I need inspiration.

Natural lighting inspires me as do natural settings and people in candid moments. Not posed and meticulously controlled moments. Its funny because I am something of a control freak by nature, but with my photography I think I want to escape that.

My next group of contributions to the site may focus on editorial and landscape pics from my local area. Yeah, I may not sell any of them I imagine, however it may just help me recharge my creative ideas and eventually work my way back into taking the type of microstock that sells!

Photo credits: Russell Linton.

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June 07, 2010


Thanks for the encouraging comments everyone, glad you guys like the photos...sifting through the portfolios of those that left comments is inspiring - some amazing work being done out there! And the pancakes were delicious (if not a bit cold) by the time I ate them. Cooking pretty pancakes is my fall back career move : )

June 06, 2010


It is weird sometimes how your sales fall into one segment of stock and not others. Well Done !

June 06, 2010


great port, your pancakes look delicious :) good luck i'm sure you get many more sales :)

June 05, 2010


Your portfolio is great, especially the medical photos! No wonder that they sell well! Congrats!

June 04, 2010


Thanks! I absolutely still have much to learn about photography and just want to enjoy every minute of it!

June 04, 2010


Good blog.... I guess the most important thing about photography is that the more pictures you take the better photographer you can be. And the best thing is all the fun you can get.

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