Art Photography

© Espion
I am much surprised that this picture was accepted for sale by Dreamstime.

I had thought that art photography is something inconsistent with stock photography, ie the former says something very strongly and emphatically that it is hard to use it to say anything else, and thus limiting is widespread use.

And I may still be right, for there are no sales yet on this photograph. :-)

On a technical note, this photograph is a composite created via HDR (High Dynamic Range) techniques, converted to Black and White via channels calculations, and then strongly duo-toned with blue and sepia, to create the highly dramatic and surreal effect.

The resulting impression - to me - is an ominous onset of a violent raging storm deep in the middle of a moonlit night, like one experienced in a dream or a nightmare.

© Espion
The reality however cannot be further removed from such an impression and is closer to this other picture.

Both pictures were taken at the same place and at around the same time, which was close to sunset.

Photo credits: Lawrence Wee.

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