The art of photography and model releases (MR's)

I understand the reason behind MR's. Nobody wants to see his or her face without consent in a magazine or on a billboard.

But related to photography I find MR's a bit awkward.

If you are taking photo's on the street, you take them on the spur of the moment when the action is there. Otherwise you are too late. After you have taken your photo the action is over and the people on your photo are already moving on. Mostly they never stopped in the first place.

Furthermore - if it is possible at all to approach them - they often don't have the patience or the time for you to keep up your administration.

If you ask people up front, you can forget your spontaneous photo.

Another example: photo's taken from athletes.

I admire those photographers - you see their beautifull photo's on DT -who take photo's from races and finishes.

But I wonder, what happens next?

Do they run after those athletes and scramble for wittnesses with their MR's in one hand and the camera in the other? Does it really work that way?

Will somebody please help me out here? How do you DT-photographers combine sponteanity and action with MR's? Sofar I have avoided this administrative problem the easy way: for DT I don't take photo's with people on it you can identify.


Photo credits: Jmarijs.


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November 30, 2008


Hi, if you take photos from races and finishes you don't have to run after the athletes. You can upload photos with people with NO MR for editorial.

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