Art Vs.Technology - Time Vs. Dependence

I remember my analog slr and shooting with it. The sheer sound of the shutter and the film moving ahead was a very delightful feeling. You felt like you are doing something great. With the digital cameras coming in, we hard hear that mechanical sound, and if we do, it comes through the wave file that’s stored in the camera that creates the effect. No matter how well the wave file is sample, it cannot give that feeling of the shutter of an analog camera mainly because with the sound we could feel the camera roar to the next film by our hands too. There was fun in developing prints, and the precision with which we clicked due to the limitations of the films we carried for shoots.

With the digital world many things changed. The best thing that happened was photography cost. Photography no longer remained an expensive hobby because no matter what camera you bought, the storage and flexibility played a huge role. Earlier we had to think twice before clicking a picture, we would take quite much time and making the right shutter and aperture settings and then click. With a digital camera we play more, we experiment more. The sad part is that with the technology at hand we don’t stop this experimentation though we reach a formula for good shots. Even the best professional photographer in the town will take multiple frames of his subject in different settings just as not to take a chance. This in someway is ruining the hard effort and the real thinking behind the process of taking a picture.

In todays world we are getting too much than we deserve. Though there is a saturation in every career and everything we might do, we get things too easily and hence we don’t have the importance of what we take for granted. We utilize time and resources as if they would last forever. Digital revolution has surely made our life easier but it has also made us more lazy and dependent on machines. What used to be an art earlier is not a layman’s job. Any person with no technical knowledge of photography can shoot beautiful pictures because the camera does all the job. Though we are taking benefit of this I think we should also give sometime on research work and perfection of our art.

Living with all these digital gadgets, remember that one EMP bomb can someday destroy all this digital existence. This can be a future fact or fiction, the lesson to be learnt is – Not to take existing things and time for granted and work towards perfection using some traditional ways where we aren’t much dependent on anything more than ourselves



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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