Articles made of plasticine. We need your attention and advice!

A round fairy-tale character.

The blue vase is made of plasticine.

Products from plasticine - a fairy-tale character and a vase with several colors. These are my first works in this way so please do not judge strictly, but in fact I do not think that everything is so bad :) But I do not expect big sales, because none of my photos have been sold yet :(

Friends tell me, tell me about your success, what and how to do it right. On the Internet a lot of things are written, but the information is still quite old and I believe that it is no longer relevant. I would like fresh advice from those who have been doing this for a long time for such a beginner like me!

Photo credits: Alexei Rudenko.

Your article must be written in English



Those are super cute! I would play around a bit more with the lighting and editing etc. and keep posting here for more feedback. Good luck!


If you are selling the figures themselves, you may need more of them. If you selling the photos of them, I would suggest you tone down the lighting, (too bright) and learn how to light them without shadows. (Multiple light sources from different angles.)

Best of luck. You'll get there.



Nice shapes! If I a professional on this, I'll advice you but I not have any experiments on this. Good luck!

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