Artistic or Crazy?

How appropriate that the name of this site is "DreamsTime" because all my life I have spent most of my time dreaming...

At work, in the car, working out at the "Y", where ever I am, I daydream. And when I go to sleep, I have very vivid dreams...

What do I dream about? Fortune? Fame? Hot bikini babes? Nope, I'm one of those strange people that has "visions". A random thought pops in my head and I see a vision. A bird in flight, a soccer ball, a fast moving car, a dog sniffing a cat's rear... And then I tweak that image in my head. I play with the lighting, I change the scenery, I move elements around. Not on a computer, but in my head. And when I get it looking the way I like, I wake up from my dream, jump on my computer and do everything I can to re-create it.

Typically, I can't go back to sleep until I'm done. Even if it takes a 20 or 30 hours straight at my computer. If I don't know how to do something, I learn how. If I can't find a tutorial somewhere then I experiment, for hours.

Everyone has an addiction (or two). For some people it's alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, digging all the cream filling out of a twinky and throwing away the cake, etc... For me, it's computer art.

Fortunately, my family forgives me this addiction. Mostly because it pays the bills (my wife is addicted to shopping and my daughter is addicted to friends).

I write this partly to introduce myself, but also because I am pleased to find like minds in various places on the Internet such as DreamsTiime. I look at some of the amazing work here and I can see hours of sleepless nights and burnt ramen from too much daydreaming.

Growing up, I was constantly told "you can do anything you put your mind to". As an adult, I find that rarely to be the case. At 41, even if I gave up my computer addiction and everything else, my body still wouldn't let me be the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. But, I heave learned that passion and perseverance have been key to my being somewhat successful at what I do.

So, if you have a passion for something, a true passion, then you can't help but be successful.

Photo credits: Dave Navarro.

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