As time goes by, models get older... Thoughts about Model Releases

I'm very impressed by the powerful search engine DT provides to designers; so many little details that make one's job easier and give everyone a chance to find the right photos for the right project.

For instance I like the fact that when you upload a model release, you specify the age of the model, allowing designers to refine their search to specific age brackets.

I guess that many of us have favorite models that we will hopefully keep on photographing for years. Cute baby Melba, photographed here at the age of 6 months, will soon be 1 year old. Although DT recommends to only upload one MR per model, I'm thinking of uploading a second MR for her when she hits that age, so that her baby photos remain in the "less than 1 year" age group whilst her new pictures appear in the "1-4 yrs" age bracket.

In my opinion, uploading only one MR for Melba would mean that a designer looking for a 1 year old baby might still see Melba appearing on his/her search when she is 3. Conversely, a designer looking for a cute 3 year old and refining his/her search to this specific age group might never see her pictures, if I was still using her initial MR then.

I'd love to read your thoughts about this matter.


Photo credits: Rozenn Leard.

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November 12, 2009


You must upload a new (or same) model release when the model reaches the new age and check the appropriate age range so the search functions correctly. It wouldn't make sense to have shots of a 1-4 year old showing up when someone uses the 'Under 1' option.

November 12, 2009


Automating is a good idea indeed.
However, I find that some models look like a certain age although they are in reality younger or older. In that case I put the age that the person portrays rather than the real age, since I believe that the function is there for marketing purpose.
The search engine is very well thought and I'm sure that if DT implemented the age function, it's because designers are interested in refining their research and limiting the number of pictures to browse.
Child search = 280,000 pics
Child search, 1 person, 1-4 yrs = 53,000 pics

November 12, 2009


I suppose it could be automated if the MR had a date of birth instead of age by subtracting from the image date in the EXIF. Is it likely that someone would search by age rather than use terms like "newborn", "baby", "toddler" etc?

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