Someone knows if is possible to submit an image already accepted as an assignment?

If it is... how?

Photo credits: Antoni Vicens.

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September 03, 2010


Did your previous file get accepted in to assigment?

Issue is that if it's been accepted as an assignment in the last 12 months then part of the deal is that the file remains exclusive with DT for 12 months, if you have to disable it as you have re entered it and it's within the 12 months then you are breaking agreement, surley DT would be entitled.

If you sold the assignment file for $25 then DT own the rights and then you would not be able to resubmit as you are no longer the owner of the rights.

September 03, 2010


Thanks for your help! I'll try!
Wish me luck!

September 03, 2010


It is possible - you submit it as a new image and make a note to the editor with the original ID. If it is approved you disable the original. Note that there are no guarantees that something already online will be approved for the assignment. Make sure you don't disable the old one unless it is approved!

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