I wish I didn't have to work on assignment anymore. Despite all the benefits (pay, respect, adventure), I find it interrupts my thought process. It's not a conceit. I'm just trying to get at something here and for me it is so challenging to maintain the energy it takes to get deep into a thought and turn it into an image. I'm not sure what I have been doing all week-distracted by whatever-life! Then I had a job yesterday, which was a crazy job but I loved it. I did 15 diverse portraits on location in 4 hours of shooting! This one of Dr. Steven A Nash, director of the Palm Springs Art Museum, is one of my favorites. He just had a really distinct vibe to him. Nice guy with a good sense of humor considering how spastic I was running around throwing lights everywhere in one of the most crammed spaces I have ever shot in. And though not all the shots I produced were great, I've impressed by myself with this job. My skills keep evolving. There's something very interesting about shooting fast; not having time to be perfect, to try another tactic. I never once got upset...except in the morning, before the shoot, when the line at the Starbucks was 30 people deep. Then I was definitely upset! Then I was thinking "Why the %^#* am I here-I could be in my studio!"

Dr Nash graces my blog

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