Assignment Again

It's my 2nd time getting an image accepted in an assignment.

I got the 2nd prize in the previous one, but I kind of have lower hopes for this one. I shouldn't, right? I should love all of my images equally as a dad should love all of his children!

I love you little grain & leaves :P

Photo credits: Georges Kyrillos.

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congrats and good work. With so little images and so mannnnny downloads, I wouldn't worry too much about winning. Your download number are already incredible. wow !


Didn't win this time, but it's ok... Congrats to all winners and thanks for your support.
What's up with the spammer on my blog???????


Congrats on the 2nd prize as well :)


Congratulations, well earned.


Congratulations, for winning the 1st assignment, wish you luck for winning it again.


Well it is stock, what are we to do!!!


I seem to like some of mine over others I think it is ok but the ones I like the best do not usually make it even on the site so this just may supprise you.


What a nice community, thank you all.


You deserve the recognition. Great images!


This is an wonderful creation Georges, worths a full 5 and wish you a lot of luck in the contest, is a winner!


Hello George :)
You're right, I also love all my pictures :)


Oh what a loving dad you are :P I hope you win, though.


Great job! Congratulations!


Nice image!


Wow! Studying your art, I recognized this grain as being part of more of your images. Here: 16840784, it floats on the water just above the little fish. Am I right?


Maen dude thanks :)


I'm not surprised with the great work! You're getting better & better in this! ;)
Congratulations my friend! Got my vote! :)


Thanks for the suggestion, I'll follow your advice :) But if they don't transfer the votes (if any), I won't do anything this time but will keep it in mind for the future.


I'm sure if you explained that to support that they would allow you to replace. It's in the assignment for a month or so but for sale on here potentially for years, minimum of one year exlusive anyhows. Keep up the good work, love the originality of your art :-)


@BCritchley: yes I agree with you about the blank space and the buyers' point of view, but I did this one especially for the assignment. I thought its placement and its size relative to the negative space would convey the idea of beginning more - but now I wish I have not done this as I don't like how it looks in the thumbnail :S


Congratulations, great image but I would have liked to have seen it a little bigger, lots of blank space for potential buyers to purchase.


Linda you just gave an idea for a new image :D
I'll post one when I retire!


At first sight, the little grain looked to me like a flying bug. I think I walked far too long in the cold.
However, your images are brilliant! I would really love to see a clip on youtube about how you do those.


@Ebamo, thanks a lot :) But not really - for the agriculture/farming assignment, I got my Water Cow rejected for being out-of-topic & for the transportation one, my Water Car also got rejected for the same reason :S


:)) Funny post! Your work looks great as always :) Good luck!


Thank you friends!
@Djk: of course I'm excited, it's the best thing. I hope there are contests more frequently. Good luck to you too - I'll go check your entry now!


Wonderful water collection!!!!With such creations you can always have your place in the assignment section I think. Congrats!


Congratulations ! This is my first time to have an accepted photo for assignment so I am excited. This being your second one, you are on old hand at them, but I think you are excited, too. Good luck!!


Good luck :)


Great Creativity!!

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