Assignment ended

Just ended dreamstime assignment and I have to admit that it showed incredible creativity of participants. As the best for me is file with VW in the funny colors and logo of DT. The car belongs to a limited number of brands of cars that I like and are on my list of dreams. Of course with my car I planned some outside and inside tuning but colors I would like to do like this on the picture. For this reason, immediately it got from me big five.

Great for me as a picture is also a woman photographer in the cap with the logo DT with a camera close to face - I can safely identify with that.

The charming photo is a child sleeping on the cushion with the logo of DT. My photo, which is the only approved from ten uploaded I also gave five, but excuse me because I was in this assessment strictly subjective.

I am a little confused why so little photos and illustrations participate to this assignment, I am wondering whether qualifications for the competition was high, or holidays may have an impact on poor participation? It was a big topic, which can be treated with an abstract way.

Anyway vote for the best photos and illustrations, which you liked and share all your conclusions and experiences.


Photo credits: Monika Wisniewska, Anke Van Wyk, Eti Swinford, Papuga2006.

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January 08, 2009


Thanks a lot

January 08, 2009


i voted your photo.

January 06, 2009


well even I have one out of three, here is mine 7241001

Tried to insert the thumbnail, but wasn't successful.

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