Assignment FINALLY!

Phew I finally succeeded in reaching the "50 photos online" requirement in order for me to contribute to the assignment.

It was so hard and creatively-demanding because of the nature of my images.

It was sooooo worth it when it was approved and I'm very happy now - I hope I win (don't we all?!!!)

Here's the image in case you'd like to vote for it (there are many other awesome files as well):

Photo credits: Georges Kyrillos.

Your article must be written in English



Hi there Georges, I left you a note on the "Japanese Asanoha" thread. Thanks.


Hello Mr. Kyrillos. My name is Linda Cannon and I run a therapeutic riding center for the special needs, intercity children etc. Most of the money to keep the center going comes from my CPR classes that I teach and from donations. One of the items I am working on is to make a manual for the offices that I teach and it's almost done, however, I need to come up with a illistration for the manual cover. I have looks so hard for someone that can do something like the horses coming out of the waves, but your water illistrations are incredible. Can you email me and tell me what your prices are? My email is 7181515 (at)


Can the contributor know the current rating of his submission, or is it kept secret until winners are announced??


Your images imitating water are cool! I haven't seen anything similar yet


Elianehaykal, Thank you^^
I spent a lot of time on this picture ^^

   butterfly pyramid collection   
And It is my first assignment file^^


Eliane my biggest fan who's always right NO SARCASM, my forum & blog profile photo is showing, up until yesterday it wasn't (at least for me), did you do anything??


Defun, your Butterlfy Pyramid is very pretty


& where's the gratitude to Eliane, who as usual without her nagging nothing would've been done?!!!!!!! I hope you win too, I'm your biggest fan in case you didn't know :)


Great Image, I have been out of assignment for almost 7 months, need to take part in the next assignment, anyways good look Georges.


Excellent image! Well done!


Very nice image, I like it.


Georges, you are truly an original! I love your images, congratulations.


Thanks Georges, Good luck to all in the assignments!


Thank you all :)
Irisangel: your Christmas Border got my 5 vote by the way - excellent!
Dessie: Thanks a lot - no boycott anymore? (Eliane told me...)


I love what you do, keep on doing it!


Lovely done! Congrats, Georges! I like the bubbles more than the fish :P
Good luck on the assignment! Voted 5!




great image, already spotted it - very creative - wish you lots of luck


Very nice image and well deserved acceptance, good luck in the assignment.


Congratulations on all, You know I have always admired these water images. They are so unique and well done. Good luck with the assignment, keep up the good work!


Great image, good luck with it! - rebecca


Yuri you can ask for priority review in order to make it in time (the reviewers are going to LOVE me now). Come on, I can't wait to beat you!!!!!


I'm coming closer to it good luck to you for now! :-)


Thanks a lot Justmeyo & Wildmac & Mani33...
David they are done from scratch in Photoshop!


Congratulations on reaching 50 online! Excellent image. Good luck with the assignment :0)


Your images are not only great but selling well. Are the fish mostly hand drawn ? I remember working with glass fish which are transparent and look very similar. David.


hahaha typical your port style ;)
Good luck ;)


Very beautiful photo and congratulations for 50 files online also:)

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