Assignment Milestone

Good morning.

This is the second time that i write in these blog, the firs stime I celebrate my firs sale, today I would declare my little (assignment) milestone. I tried to find the most heterogeneous and interesting ideas as mach as possible.

I loved the assistant of this month infact I put my face and that of my family.

I tried to create images that I had in mind for this reason it was an exercise to refine my technique and make the best use of my equipment.

The assistant is for me a good way to practice and develop new ideas.

I hope that you like my picture.

I will be grateful if you criticize my photos this would be an additional means of improving.

Thank you all.


A cat's perspective

A mouse's perspective

Dog’s prospective.

Point of view of a salamander.

Cat's prospective. A woman drives away a cat from the kitchen.

Dog's perspective. A dog biting its master's sock.

Pet's prospective. Grandmother paly wits a tennis ball.

Turtle snaps a selfie.

Photo credits: Dreamstime Agency.

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October 15, 2016


Beautiful ilmages for concepts and compositions!

October 14, 2016


Whow! Congrats and lets hope for many votes!
Cheers from Stockholm :-)

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