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Hi everyone,

I've just reached the limit of 50 images online and thinking about submitting one of the images to the current assignment - Security and protection

Can someone please tell me if images I already have online in my DT profile can be somehow submitted, or I need to re-upload them for the assignment?

I really can't find the info anywhere :(



Photo credits: Gogindzer.

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June 01, 2013


I don't know. A mess of numbers, some form of code breaker?

June 01, 2013


@Unteroffizier, interesting hint, never thought of those two as "security" related.

May 31, 2013


As at the time of my post, I see 2 images in your existing portfolio that can be submitted for the 'security and protection' assignment. Image ID: 25457438 and ID: 25457420.

May 30, 2013


thanks for the quick response!
It's clear now ;)

May 30, 2013


Hi Goran - yes, you need to reload the image and submit using the Assignment Tab ... I always add a comment which identifies the current image id - don't know if that's required, just something I do .. and of course disable the original image if it is accepted for the assignment

May 30, 2013


"2. Photographers have the right to upload existent work and images that already make up a part of his/her portfolio on"

I think you have to re-upload existent work

May 30, 2013


assignments terms
In order to participate in the "Dreamstime On Assignment" monthly contest you should fulfill the following conditions:
Have an active photographer account at
Be the sole author of the images submitted
Submit only images that closely follow the monthly contest theme
Submit a valid Model Release form (signed by the model) if the image contains any recognizable people faces

The winner image(s) will automatically be escalated to 5th level. Also, they will become exclusive to Dreamstime as long as the image is approved as one of the contest winners.

The photographers will have the following obligations and rights:

Sell the selected images from "Dreamstime On Assignment" contest only on The images approved for the contest become exclusive to Dreamstime agency and cannot be sold anywhere else, including your own website.

1. You may disable or revert the image(s) to a lower level (by submitting or reactivating it) at any time, but not earlier than 12 months since its upload date. In this way, the exclusivity agreement with Dreamstime will cease to exist.
2. Photographers have the right to upload existent work and images that already make up a part of his/her portfolio on obligations and rights:

Dreamstime is obliged to choose a number of winner images every month. The number of winner images is not specified and there is no minimum or maximum limit of selected images. It will vary upon the number of good quality images submitted.

Rights: reserves the right not to select any of the submitted images for general refuse reasons such as: noise, out of focus, poor lightning, distorted pixels, poor composition, or images that do not comply with the assignment theme.

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