The assignments is indeed a stimulating contest for us. There is a different theme every month but always interesting.

This is my fifth time that I participate from when I am enrolled on dreamstime. This last for me is a very beautiful theme "First steps" above all because I am participating with three illustrations on children.

I hope that my illustrations can like and if also you like them not you hesitate to give me your vote : -) Thanks in advance!

Photo credits: Ciska76.

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March 11, 2010


Hopefully, we'll both participate in the next assignment.

March 09, 2010


nice images! I'm impressed you color them by photoshop???? wow, I may just try that myself , thank you very much.

March 02, 2010


Thanks! I prepare by hand the sketch by hand (pencil, ink) and then I color it with photoshop. The time that I employ depends on the complexity of the image ...1 or 2 hours around however!

March 02, 2010


Yes Jesus and the children is wonderful. I'd love to watch you make these images and to know how long each one takes ! David.

March 02, 2010


Thanks, you go on resources - assignment and vote the preferred one. There are 5 icons with the symbol of dreamstime. You vote from 1 to 5 : -)

March 02, 2010


Good luck! You have my vote, but you must teach me how can I give it you!

March 02, 2010


lovely ones! best of luck!

March 01, 2010


Very cute indeed. Good luck with the assignments, Love the "Jesus and the Children"

March 01, 2010


Nice images, good luck in the current assignment.

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