Assignments, Assignments! The GOOD and BAD!

Ok ... so I submit my images to this weeks assignment: up-Very-close I think I had the opportunity to submit up to ten images and sure enough I did. I was not surprised when they were refused/rejected. I was sad because I was very fond of my images :-( However, upon a later resubmission they were accepted under a royalty free submission.

Heres some of the images:

Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. I know why they were originally rejected, they told me! hahaha.

I understand that there are much higher standards for assignments since the assignment images are immediately awarded 100 downloads/level 5 status.

Has anyone gone though this or something similar as well?

This experienced has served a good purpose because I now find myself attempting to improve my photo quality in order to prepare for the next assignment. I used up my ten submissions but next time around I won't waste them, thats for sure!

Photo credits: Salvador Ceja.

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July 09, 2008


Yes, it is hard to say this is a clear matter. But to do so will be successful.


July 09, 2008


Great images.

July 08, 2008



i had the same experience... submitted 5 images for assignment and got all rejected and resubmitted as RF and got accepted.

Come on... will try to get them accepted next time lah~


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