Assignments pay!

I can see that it isn't an obvious choice if you aren't exclusive, but I'm very glad I've participated in assignments. My shots are exclusive anyways, and they do much better than my average photo. I made a quick lightbox of my assignment photos, which allows me to see the total revenue. My assignments have brought in almost 10% of my total revenue to date, and represent less than 1% of my portfolio. My most recent entries this month already have a download:

With the new pricing structure, even a subscription download of assignment files nets you 3 sub credits. So I recommend considering submitting for assignments for the extra exposure.

How have you done with your assignment entries?

Photo credits: Brad Calkins.

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October 28, 2009


I've got two accepted and one has had a download. This is my second assignment (I tried the summer one, but didn't have any really summery shots and my made up one didn't make it). So I'm just waiting to see how things pan out.

October 28, 2009


Brad, as always your photos are great -- I noted a marked increase in sales after my first participation in an assignment, and to date my most profitable images are assignment photos. As for the current assignment, I was unsure if people wanted to see a senior woman surfing, (remember I’m from California where “natural” beauty is uncommon and often unaccepted) but the image got a sale within a few days of being posted! I attribute the quick sale to participation in the assignment. Thanks for your helpful reminders and good luck to you in this assignment! Cheers Marilyn

October 28, 2009


@Brad: Great photos! Good Luck with them!

@Frantab01: You don't have to be an exclusive photographer to do submit an assignment but the photos should...

@Everyone: I suggested an assignment new tab for member portfolio... Check it out if you like! Cheers ;)

October 28, 2009


great insight, do you have to be totally exclusive to submit to an assignment or does that particular image/s have to be exclusive to DT ?

October 28, 2009


Thanks for the inputs, nope its been ages since I submitted to assignment. And good luck for the assignment.

October 28, 2009


Very interesting and a nice return you have made, shows that taking the option to move to level5 is sometimes worth it. Nice images,past and present, good luck in the assignment. And nope, have not had time to take Gran out with Grandson yet, but hope to do so before current assignment closes.

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