Assistance in determining the type of

Hi All,

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I would like to help you to assistance in determining the type of.

This is a young bird. I try determining the type of but I was not successful.

This picture have been taken on walk in the park / garden.

I would be grateful if you can help me.



Photo credits: Pecak.

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you're very welcome ,pecak. it's been ages since i had time or be in a place to do birdwatching with my peterson bird guide. but it's nice to know i haven't gone senile, lol.
be watchful. all the thrush family look alike when young. you can only tell the difference by closer inspection of feather or plumage.


Thank you so much for your help. I think that it isn´t sparow because this bird have yellow feathers at the tail. Thank you Tan510jomast. You have true, this is young Robin.


it belongs to the thrush family. if i am not mistaken this is a much older robin. the juvenile has little black or brown and white spots and then as they grown older they are somewhat between the grownup robin.
the male then grown red breast while the female remain plain like this.
check ornithology books like peterson bird guide. i lost mine but i am sure you can find it on the web.


Looks like some sort of Sparrow, it would help if we knew where in the world he was photographed :-)

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