Astrology and photography

Astrology is very complex – it works with Sun, Moon, planets, astrological houses, astrological aspects etc. But many people know just the “popular” astrology. If a person says: “I

Astrological signs of Fire element – Aries, Lion, Sagittarius

Key words: action, movements, enthusiasm, experiments

It is hard to see a typical Aries, Lion and Sagittarius waiting with patient three hours for a squirrel to appear into the camera viewfinder. These photographers love action and so they can be very skillful for photographing sport, animals in action (especially dangerous animals!) and people in movement. Fire signs are famous for their enthusiasm – it is valuable also for photography. Their enthusiasm will be seen in the beginning of a new projects or during experimenting new styles of photographing.

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Astrological signs of Water element – Cancer, Scorpion, Pisces

Key words: creativity, artistic talents, feelings, emotions, fantasy

Do you need an object over white background? That would be no problem for these photographers, but they consider it very boring. Cancers, Scorpions and Pisces are the most artistic signs. They put feelings, mood and emotions in every image. That

Astrological signs of Earth element – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Key words: nature, patience, landscape, food

People of Earth signs are lovers of nature and food. No surprise that they love to photograph landscape, animals in the wild, flowers, food and drinks. These people are patient and admire very much “perfection”. They care about every detail on photos. Typical Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn like “traditional” point of view, that

Astrological signs of Air element – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Key words: technology, fashion, group of people, communication

People of Air signs usually know a lot of people, if you need images with groups of persons, this is the right assignment for them. They will enjoy working on it as well as their models. Gemini and Libra will also make very nice photos of fashion, wellness and beauty. While a typical Aquarius has a pleasure to make images with the topic of “future” – computers, Internet, science, communications.

Photo credits: Serban Enache, Danhughes, Ron Rapp, Paul Topp, Starblue.

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December 31, 2011


do not dare advise people on their capabiliites as a photographer

you cannot base it on astrology because you do not demonstrate anhy knowledge or skill in astrology --maybe grammar, but not astrology or photography....any sign can be great. i know because i am a virgo photographer. i know a piscean who sucks with lights, which is the basic method of photography "to describe with light"'re a fraud. get some morals.

December 31, 2011


i perceived you as a water sign simply because it was the most loving words written about a mode............and then i read your coments..are you a pisces? please, being a pisces (i believe in astrology) but pisces seem to fall below their touted strength of "karma's ultimate release" i mean, can you find a better revelation for other signs than what you've read before:? i'm a virgo, and even though i am prone to believing the worst about myself, i saw through your page. you only have care about yourself. the only modality on this page with any inspriation is WATER *your mode*
you are not perceptive about air, earth or read a book. my sun, moon, venus are in 12th house suck, superior complex fuck you for bringing a stupid page into kind to others. .... a pisces should share rather than act "better than"


June 28, 2009


a sagittarian sun, scorpio rising with a taurus moon and a libra mars, makes me talented as a photographer? :D

January 19, 2008


Great Blog, Fantastic Images! You've inspired me a bit ;)

January 04, 2008


Happy New Year also to you and to your baby Pisces :-) As soon as possible make your baby love photocamera and you will see... what can do Pisces :-) :-)

January 04, 2008


;) I'm a very artistic talented Cancer...and my baby is a of art in our family!
Thanks and very happy new year!!

January 03, 2008


Hello, once more... wow, what a nice observation :-) I see that you know position of all your planets... it means that youd do know more astrology... well, I am going to jump to tell you more about my chart in a private comments... when I start about astrology :-) Somebodz could start to be boring... so in the end I wish you all - no matter what a sign you are - a wonderful, productive and successful 2008!

January 03, 2008


Thank you Jitka! Very cool! Pisces are magical! I was born 3.18.76, what's your bday?
I'm pisces, libra rising, venus and mercury in pisces, moon in scorpio, mars in cancer, and fire dragon.

Here is what gave it away that you're water...
-you started out the article with: If a person says: “I´m a Pisces”,
and to J-light, you said, dear cancer... but no comment that you were one...
and the spiritual energy and content in your work which matched with the article...

oh and, starblue... pisces would be blue like water.. scorpions would be more redish or earthy... usually..

I really love it, I hope you'll be our photography analyst of the stars and more again!

January 03, 2008


I am a Pisces too :-) Good guess!!!! :-) Thanks for the compliments, I have seen your portfolio... you have so a wonderful photos with rose - the kitten with rose and the bowl with rose :-) verz Piscean :-) have a great time with photos :-)

January 02, 2008


I'm a pisces. Mine is also accurate. Mystical, freeform, artistic, fantasy, are all my thing, and yes, it's true about the white backgrounds... lol
From your photos, I would say you're a water sign as well... scorpion or pisces?
Your angel photos are outstanding!!! Very spiritual and beautiful!!
I want to take photos like that! Very inspiring!

January 02, 2008


And I have seen your portfolio - it is seen your creativity and emotions in your pictures :-) I wish you everything the best for 2008, dear Cancer :-) Jitka

January 01, 2008


I found myself in the description of Cancers.

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