athens, city of history

If you go to greece, athens is probably the place where you will land.

It is a beautiful city with worldfamous landmarks.

Most famous is the acropolis it was built around the 5th century, a religious complex of several temples,

two of them are still remaining : the temples were dedicated to athena.

But even around syndarma where is located the parliament building, you have some nice architectural places to see,

like the zappeion building and the old university.

Recents riots have been worldwide broadcasted on TV, but the reality is something else,

it is a very quiet and safe place, where you can walk and enjoy the history.

The traditional cuisine is worth too.

Photo credits: Olivier Meerson.

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I dream to go Athens also. nice photos you shot!


thank you all ... i will keep on.


really great place and shots~~


Good shot!
A historical famous city.


thank you very much. The architecture is nice so it helps.


Very good shots. Athens, my another dream place.

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