Attention Seeking Behavior Makes a Great Designer

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Whether you are still thinking of pursuing a career in art or are already immersed in its different sub-fields in one way or another, you may have heard of this catchphrase (or a variation thereof)

Yes, there is truth to this sentence. But, as an aspiring designer, you should not limit yourself to this trait only. You should allow yourself to grow and be flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing design world.

In the next few paragraphs, we provide different tips on how you can become a good designer. We say ‘good’ designer because that is the next most realistic step. Greatness will follow once you have fully internalized how being a good designer should be.

Practice with different tools for designers

The design is a very broad term, especially as a field of study. This is why you should make sure to expose yourself to different logo design tools for designers while you are in the early stages of your career. This way, you can find out what you like and what you do not like.

Do not make a premature choice. Experience the world and each field of design fully until you find that one true field where your heart sings.

Be updated on the recent design trends

Whether you specialize in lesser known design fields like lighting design, it is important that you are keeping abreast with different trends in design. This is because most design trends can be applied to other design disciplines.

For instance, the interior design trend of using matte blank furniture in 2016 was also applicable in the use of matte lipsticks in makeup design. Fascinating, right? To find out what’s new for designers, you can check out the different annual trade launches, fashion shows, fashion design portfolio and even the news and current events show.

Maintain an open mind

This tip may sound strange at first, but once you practice it, it will be easier to make into a habit. Having an open mind allows you to keep looking at things differently. This trait is especially important for designers since it allows them to come up with and try out ingenious and one-of-a-kind designs in whatever field they are in.

When applied well, fashion designers, experience designers, game designers, interior designers, automotive designers, instructional designers, and others will readily see results through their customer’s or client’s reactions.

Cultivate a well-adjusted form of attention-seeking behavior

In terms of design, attention-seeking behavior can help individuals with this trait know how to capture other people’s attention within a brief period of time. To illustrate, in a 2006 study by the Human-Oriented Technology Lab, it states that web designers have about 50 milliseconds to create a good impression. No other personality types know how important those 50 milliseconds are than designers who have attention-seeking behavior.

Having an attention-seeking behavior can help put your feet at the door of design greatness. However, it may not be enough to sustain you in this high-pressure environment. That is why, early on, you need to focus on cultivating an adaptable attention-seeking form of behavior.

What does this mean? This means self-awareness. This means being aware of your skills and having the confidence and skills to back it up. Attention-seeking behavior in designers can help them create highly appealing and original designs that will stand out no matter what design discipline they are in. But this same behavior may also become their downfall if they do not learn how to deal with stress early on.

Learn to merge design and functionality to improve user experience (UX)

The merger of design and functionality has now taken off in the digital world with the increasing emphasis placed on user experience (UX) during the design process. As with most design trends, we can see that user experience will gradually filter down to other design disciplines, too. As an aspiring designer, use this time to learn about user experience and how you can incorporate and improve it for your own design creations. Learning this now will give you great payoffs in the future.

A great designer should know that good design should be imperceptible. Internalize this and you will go on to produce products and services that will be loved by its users for a long time.

Are you ready to become a great designer?

If current trends continue, it is apparent that the answer to the question what is new for designers in the 21st century is the ability to stay adaptable and learn on the go. To do this, an aspiring designer should continually use different physical, digital, and even mental tools for designers to help hone their craft.

Becoming a great designer is not easy. A lot of hard work is involved and more luck is even needed. Let the different tips discussed earlier guide you in becoming the best designer you can be.

Photo credits: Stokkete.

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