Attention: Take care of April Fool Jokes!

Beware: It's 1st April! Since creativity is very high at DT we can be sure of tricky April fool jokes!

I don't know whether there will be a press release of a brand new Nikon ABC medium format camera or a Canon XYZ super lens with integrated concept finder - but we can be quite sure that our legs will be pulled.

Every announcement, every statement or chitchat today should be considered with full precaution!!

Don't get fooled! Fool others!

© Liubov ( Help)

This is not my image but I like it very much (no joke!).

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April 01, 2012


Thanks for the reminder... I guess DT already did something, look at the new logo (dreamtime)

April 01, 2012


Thanks for reminding me ^_^

April 01, 2012


Okay - tell you guys the truth - i am from mars : )

March 31, 2012


Hello Liubov: I expect something like this!

March 31, 2012


:) perhaps all our Dorian Crowns will change from the kings glory to some donkey head ;) .... Fun fool's day fun fun

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Photo credits: Liubov Kulchitskaja.