The attraction of the landmarks - st. Alexander Nevski cathedral

© Turin
It's funny how buildings and places one is familliar with attract so much attention from abroad. These urban places, that we're so used to see and to walk by, the old buildings, churches, universities, places meant for meetring our friends are somehow objects of our urban "background".

But to foreign travellers, all kinds of tourists and foreign advertising agencies they obtain some magical attraction. Such place in Sofia, Bulgaria is the st. Alexander Nevski cathedral. It is the largest eastern orthodox temple in the Balkans and one of the largest in the whole world.

It was built after the Russo-Turkish War in honor to the Russian soldiers who died in the war and to celebrate the liberation of Bulgarian people and establishment of the Third Bulgarian state, the Bulgarian Kingdom.

© Turin
© Turin
The construction was planned in 1880, started in 1882 and everything got finished ten years later. The temple serves as a cathedral church for the Patriarch of Bulgaria. It is the second patriarch cathedral in history, the first one is st. Nedelya. St. Nedelya church was an object of terrorists' act, when in 16 April 1925 the Bulgarian communists blew up it's roof while there was a big ceremony in there and 150 people, most of them political elite, got killed.

Now st. Nedelya is restored and operates as a church, but the role of cathedral patriarch church for many years now has been carried out by the st. Alexander Nevsky cathedral. One of Sofia most famous landmarks.

Photo credits: Yasen Pramatarov.

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October 02, 2007


Thanks, Icyimage :) Varna is also very nice town, indeed. I like it most in the winter, when it's not full of tourists. Me I haven't been to Skopje, but it's one of the places I'll visit some day.

October 01, 2007


I have been in Sofia, I have friends in Varna, and I like your country.

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