Auksumalos swamp. Lithuania.

Hello to everyone !

Today I vant to show for us few photos from Aukstumalos swamp, located in Nemunas Delta Regional Park. I like this place, because there can do landscape, sunrise or sunset photos. There is a lot insect and reptile. Sometimes I am lucky ;)

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February 07, 2017


Outstanding pictures! I like the fog on the swamp :)

February 06, 2017


A great place, if there are insects and reptiles I should go!

February 06, 2017


Very cool photos, love the dragon fly

February 06, 2017


It's very nice to see the pictures of the different seasons. Well done!

February 06, 2017


Love your photos. What an amazing place with so much variety to photograph. The image of the dragon fly is superb!

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Photo credits: Milllda.