I recently went on a trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau, in Southern Poland. It's a place of terror; you see that huge area full of barracks and read about all the murders that had place there and you still can't imagine that everything was real.

It really impressed me a lot and I want to share some photos with you.

Photo credits: Dark3y3s.

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Rosseels, I like what you said:) And I also like the photos you uploaded, good job! :)


@Dark3y3s Thank your for your encouraging words , they made me decide to upload 3 of my pictures of Auschwitz.
To all : As a photographer we must make pictures and leave politics to politicians. Our pictures are our statements and DT gives us the possibility to show them to the world.


Thank you for your info, maybe I will check out for more of this stuff. It's pretty interesting how many unbelievable "did you know"s you can find out. :) However, whether you're a pro nazi or not, I'm keeping my opinion regarding Auschwitz&co until the opposite proof. :)


if you are interested in history and politics you can check for rothschilds, zionists, new world order or illuminati, or connections between rich jewish people who gave finacial support to Adolf, im gonna be called pro nazi lol but did you know that Adolf was the first one who banned expirements with animals, what an evil person huh lol :D


Well, I guess it's just a matter of whom we trust in and what we (want) believe:) Ok, I understand and won't insist anymore on this aspect :)


everytime i open my mouth about this i get in trouble, i dnt wanna DT to block my account lol, lets say i tend to believe in people who was in Hitlers inner circle, when you put all information into one it makes sense :)


Thank you for sharing those pictures, we all have to remember it and make the best that this will never happen again!


@Ela9, it might not be EVERYTHING exactly how it happened, but I believe there's a lot of truth in what they say about Auschwitz. At least, I saw that awful place and couldn't believe such things could have happened. It's so sad to see in what conditions they had to live everyday, the crematorias, the electrical fences that were dividing every area, the control stations so that not a single being could get out.. I would be really curious to know what facts you know about and were from :) You seem very convinced.


people who are telling that holocaust never happened are not crazy, everything was not the way they tell kids at school, unfortunately if i would start spill the facts i would be called antisemite, anyway nice photos, i also wanted to go to that place but after all researches i made i decided not to waste my money, would rather go to wolfs lair..


Dark3y3s, thanks for sharing your pictures. It is important that we all never forget what happened there and at the other concentration camps, and work to make the world a better place. Your images are very strong and emotive. It makes me sad just looking at them and thinking about those poor people. Tyranny must always be opposed.


Yes it was something that cannot be wiped out or forgotten.
What the present day world can do is make sure that such a thing will not happen again.
I will be visiting Anne's museum in August.


@Rosseels you shouldn't feel sick of them. Look at it like a life experience from where you can learn a lot. These kind of things shall never happen again and it's only on us to make sure of it:)


Two years ago I spent almost a whole day in those camps with my camera and took 100 s of pictures. I did not upload a single one of them. I just couldn't do it. I still feel sick when I occasionally look at those pictures.


@Tamarabauer , I'm really sorry to hear that.
And yes, I agree that many people would try to hide what happened there. When the war came, the Nazists tried to burn that place down to hide their traces. However, they didn't fully succeed, so now we can see and learn about (and from) what took place there.

It's a sad place, but I think you can learn more by going there and visiting it. I only had a slight idea about it before, I learnt a lot by seeing it. :)


Thank you for sharing these images - believe it or not, there are folks out there that will try to tell the world the Holocaust never happened - unbelievable, isn't it? My father lived in Germany as a child and he saw what happened to the Jewish people - it haunted him until his dying day.


nice pics


Your images convey the sadness of that horrible place unfortunately!


Very sad.


It is, indeed, a very sad place. :)


Thanks for sharing your images. It is a very sad place.

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