An auspicious day!

Today I reached 100 uploads, and coincidently, also 10 sales. This has been a long and sometimes frustrating road! Along the way I have learned that stock photography is quite a different beast from travel or just "pretty" shots. My natural tendency towards subtle muted lighting isn't very compatible with stock apparently!

It is fitting that this 100th upload is a background shot of asbestos shingles. Backgrounds have been my most successful acceptance category, although not my most successful sales category.

The most successful sales category? Let's break it down, although I agree that analyzing 10 sales is probably not too valuable.

Out of 10 sales, 6 were vertical, 4 horizontal in format. I tend to prefer vertical formats when I shoot so that is no surprise.

4 have water in them somewhere. Water always makes me feel better!

2 are religious in nature. Somehow I end up in a lot of churches and graveyards...

5 are travel or destination shots. I do a lot of this!

My personal favorite of the entire "sold" group is this South Padre Island shot. Those are my shoes, and this is the place that I drop them when I get down to the beach for my morning walk.

Photo credits: Amy Nicolai.

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Not to worry, Kevin! I'm sure you will have great success. Just keep uploading... I am continually astonished at what sells and what gets accepted, so obviously I don't understand stock yet. If I did, there would be less astonishment!

Will be watching your portfolio for more shots for The Great State of Texas!


Congrats on the 100 mark, I have been following you sense we both kind of went full swing around the same time, I have up 52 pictures, so you have left me in the dust per say...hahahaha. But is great to see a fellow Houstonian doing well. Keep up the great work...oh I am working on some photos right now that will be great for your Texas collection


Congratulations! I've reached 108 uploads. Recently I had too much work to do, thus I can spend little time on DT.


Good job 100 !!!! that's a milestone and you are selling some too good for you


Way to go Amy. Dreamstime has a very strict selection criteria, so you are doing well. Unfortunately I haven't gotten the hang of what to upload yet. But hopefully will be at 100 soon.


Congrats Amy! Beautiful 100 uploads!


Hi Amy,
congratulation to your first 100 images online.
Lets keep uploading....
Ciao, Holger


Congratulations. I've also just reached 100 uploads so I share your joy! Good shots by the way.

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