australia : an amazing country

I went one year in australia, and spent some time in queensland then went for a ride in ayers rock. Australia is really an amazing country !

Beautiful landscapes, sea and incredible nature.

Ayers rock is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Whitsundays islands are beautiful too !

But be careful, Australia has among the most deadly animals who ever lived on this planet, snakes, spiders, and stingers. so watch out your steps !

Photo credits: Olivier Meerson.

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natural egg for eastern ! just the red ribbon missing.
to be more serious it is a sacred place for aboriginal people,
they believed these stones were the eggs left by a giant snake.


wow amazing pics, I liked that devils egg, :-)


actually the only place in the world that i never had problem with light levels was in australia, there is plenty of light.


That is beautiful!! The outdoors there is so colorful!

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