Authenticity in your city

Crowded city center

If you read some articles about how the photo stock market is doing or what are the new trends you will not avoid to see that there is an fast increasing demand for authentic photos. This means that most agencies have much choice of staged photos. What many buyers are looking for are real and natural looking photos taken from real situations in natural light.

Now the question is where can I take this kind of photos? Do I need to travel arround the world? The answer is NO. Many people will have a larger city not all to far away or the even more lucky ones life in one. So YOUR city will be YOUR subject for authentic photos.

For you your city will be nothing special but for somebody in a other place will find it interesting for articles. For example an German editorial publisher wants to write an article about the quality of Italian food in their country. A contributor in Rome will have for sure an photo of their local food market to be used in the German article. Another situation if someone in your own country wants to write an article about your public transport, a photo of a busy train station in your portfolio will be downloaded.

So it is not bad to enter your city again an take a closer look to all the things. Visit the train station, shopping mall, city center, food market and so on. Your can use your editorial skills here. Also not to forget that we all have an great tool .... our Dreamstime Companion app.

Busy shopping mall

Photo credits: Mirco Vacca.
  • AuthenticCreations
  • Poznan, Poland

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October 20, 2014

yaah.. true...for me..but I can only roam around with my camera if I get a company...


October 17, 2014

Keeping one eye open with a new fresh look in my little town.


October 05, 2014

Thank you, i have found your article very helpful, as i have only just started with dreamstime,and i am getting very confused about whats an editorial and whats commercial,i have been waiting for over a week now for some pix to be approved,and getting very disheartened.


October 04, 2014

Thanks for sharing Mirco, you have a great portfolio, congrats!


October 03, 2014

Great blog, thanks for sharing.


October 03, 2014

Thanks for sharing!


October 03, 2014

Yes, this is in many cases editorial when it is related to people. But you can also have fotos of peoples hands only. Or peoples feets on a escalator. Then it would be commercial.

Also dont forget that you can have non-people authentic photos of food at a market for example. There are many ways to get commercial photos.

I try to get commercial photos but if not possible i will be not restricted and shoot editorial.

Besided the street you can also create candid images in your home. Photograph your wife will she is cooking (when you have a day off from cooking). Or take some shoots of your children when they are playing in their room. All from a non-staged perspective.



October 03, 2014

As far as I understand all the photos of such a kind must be of Editorial usage only. Am I right? (Many recognizable people, trademarks and property depicted)


October 02, 2014

Thanks for reminding us. Yes, we tend to forget and overlook what we have. Especially city like Singapore, every now and then things are changing in the town area.
I will go to town this weekends and get some shots.